27 December 2017

Spode and a Cress Dish

Cress dish & stand, c1805
This Spode item is very specific. It is a footed cress dish and stand. This would have been used to serve watercress in the early 1800s.

Made in a fine earthenware body called creamware, the design is an elegant, classical, repeat border pattern in pinkish red and black - all of which is handpainted.

The design was recorded as pattern number 687 and dates from about 1805.

I love the shape as well as the very lovely pattern of what is simply an arrangement of drain holes. This allowed any water to run off from the freshly-washed watercress. The little claw feet on the dish raised it above its stand so it does not sit in a puddle.
Detail of piercing
The cutting of the holes is done by a technique known as piercing where the intricate pattern of holes was cut by hand. You can find out a lot more about the technique by visiting my Spode ABC - click/tap HERE>.