A blog by Pam Woolliscroft (née Bott).

I have worked at 4 of Stoke-on-Trent's museums:

In a bottle oven at Gladstone Pottery Museum c1977
At Ford Green Hall 1984
My first love is ceramics and it seems fitting I started and ended my museum career in museums dedicated to the subject. I continue my association with ceramic history by regularly volunteering at the Stoke-on-Trent City Archives, working on a range of their amazing collections relating to the pottery industry; and I occasionally volunteer at Gladstone Pottery Museum.

As former Curator at the Spode museum I relished the wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in pots!
Deep in conversation with Robert Copeland in his office at Spode 1998
Now a blogger, researcher & writer about Spode & Copeland history I hope I bring many fascinating facts of Spode history to life. I am pleased to add my research to this blog, and also my Spode ABC blog, to share it with enthusiasts, researchers and historians e.g. my essay on bone china. I enjoy working with specialist researchers on other aspects of Spode such as the family history e.g. the guest blog Sam Spode by Peter Roden.
A favourite bone china Spode cup pattern 2812 c1820

I am delighted that this blog has been accepted by the UK Web Archive which preserves selected UK websites. By 2016, I found, to my astonishment, I have had over 1 million visitors to this blog.

I have spoken at home and abroad on many of my favourite Spode subjects.
Keynote speaker, Transferware Collectors Club Annual Meeting, Boston Massachusetts USA 2013

My wonderful audience at Transferware Collectors Club Annual Meeting, Boston Massachusetts USA 2013 
Rehearsed, ready, relaxed. Awaiting audience at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics, Toronto, Canada 2015

A selection of wares by modern potters; painting by Terry Woolliscroft

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