05 December 2018

Spode & Christmas 2018

It's that time of year again... and as an added bonus (!) 2018 sees the 80th birthday of Spode's iconic pattern: 'Christmas Tree' introduced in 1938.
Cup & saucer, Christmas Tree pattern
Not only was this an incredibly successful pattern for the Spode company but such was its success, particularly in the USA, that it kept the business going through difficult times.

Here's a fun fact: 'in the last quarter of 1999 Spode's Christmas Tree was recorded as the largest selling casual dinnerware pattern in the USA.'

I have written about Spode & Christmas on this blog many times. To explore 'Christmas Tree' pattern, as well as some much older Spode Christmas designs, click/tap Spode & Christmas for my dedicated page on the subject where I have gathered together nearly 10 years of blogposts.

Using the links on my Spode & Christmas page enjoy finding out more about general Christmas history, see some beautiful Christmassy designs from Spode spanning almost 200 years; and, of course, lots of facts & figures about the iconic 'Christmas Tree pattern for all the enthusiasts.
Punch Bowl c1849
You can also find out the true story behind Christmas trees in the UK. Click/tap here to find out.

I have included some images on this blogpost to tempt you further into Christmas...
Holly design plate c1890
Plate, 'Away in a Manger '1957/1958

Christmas Tree 1986
Thanks to all who have shared information with me for this Spode History blog over the years. Merry Christmas!

30 September 2018

Spode and Pattern 2600

This dessert plate, made in bone china, is decorated in pattern number 2600. It dates from about 1817. Decorated with pink roses and sepia leaves, it is all hand painted with no further decoration. It makes for a simple yet pretty design.