01 July 2018

Spode and Bottle Ovens

This blogpost has now moved to a new location and includes details of a new book published by, and available from Gladstone Pottery Museum written by Terry Woolliscroft and Pam Woolliscroft. Click/tap HERE>

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Dessert plate with view of Spode bottle ovens c1800. Fired in those same bottle ovens for each stage of its various manufacture

Spode factory from the air 1929
Spode factory 1930s
Spode factory looking towards Stoke Minster 1930s
Postcard, Spode's updraught hob-mouthed bottle oven prior to  hovel collapse  
 Spode's updraught hob-mouthed oven after the hovel collapse 1972, even less remains 2018
Finished product: coffee cup, bone china, fired several times in Spode's bottle ovens, pattern 2812 c1820
Further information:

Robert Copeland's books about Spode found here and Terry Woolliscroft's websites: The Potteries Bottle Oven; The Last Bottle Oven Firing in the The Potteries and Potbank Dictionary