Bottle Ovens

'Bottle ovens became the most important part of the pottery factory.
One disastrous firing could ruin a potbank.'

Crucial to the success of any pottery manufacturer firing was, and is, the most important part of the process.

'...when admiring a piece of fine pottery, 
spare a grateful thought for the fireman.'

For more about Spode's bottle ovens, as well as later developments in firing in the 20th century, click Spode and Bottle Ovens

Spode factory 1930s
For more about the new book 'Bottle Ovens and the Story of the Final Firing' by Terry Woolliscroft and Pam Woolliscroft, published by Gladstone Pottery Museum, 2018 click Bottle Ovens... a new book

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Terry Woolliscroft's websites give detailed information about many aspects of the history of the pottery industry.

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Smoke from the last Bottle Oven firing 1978
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