12 July 2014

Spode and Golf 2014

It's that time of year and a lot of golfing is going on. Major championships are taking, or about to take place, for both men and women.

There are surprisingly long associations between Spode products and golf, so this is a reminder of these Spode connections to this royal and ancient sport.
Beaker, sprigged stoneware, c1899
Enjoy the image of a beaker, also known as a drinking horn, made by Spode under the Copeland ownership. And to find more about Spode & Golf click here for my dedicated golf page where you can see the oldest known Spode piece specifically connected to the sport and specially commissioned as a prize in the Regency period. Here is a glimpse:

... and also click here for more images of pots connected with golf.

You can find something of the surprisingly long history of golf by clicking here for the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews founded in 1754.

Carriage clock, bone china, probably 1990s