23 March 2013

Happy 'Birthday' to Josiah Spode I

On 23rd March 1733, 280 years ago today, the founder of the Spode pottery manufactory was baptised but his exact date of birth is now known.* Josiah Spode I was probably born in Lower Lane or Lane Delph near Stoke in North Staffordshire, England.

The Spode company, which closed in 2009, grew from Spode I's expertise in the new and developing business of pottery manufacture in an area which eventually became known as The Potteries, so synonymous was it with its industry. Spode I, his son and his grandson were three Josiah Spodes involved with a business started from nothing which soon became a world-wide brand in just a few decades in the late 1700s/early 1800s.

So a very Happy 'Birthday' to Mr Spode!

*Updated Feb 2020 with thanks to Peter Roden for sharing his research