08 May 2011

Happy Birthday Mr Spode II

Spode II, naive style on a Spode ceramic plaque, after a full length oil painting

Josiah Spode II was born on May 8th 1755.

He married Elizabeth Barker in 1775.

In 1778 he embarked on something of an adventure and moved with his wife and young family from rural North Staffordshire to the capital city, London. Here he set up, not just a new home, but a new business to retail and market the product from the Spode factory in Stoke. It was hugely successful. 

To work in London he needed to be a member of a Guild. There wasn't one for this new-fangled ceramic business... so Spode II joined the Spectacle Makers' Company and could begin trading.

The Spodes set up their home and business at 29 Fore Street.
Road map, 1766. Perhaps Spode II used something similar for his journey to London.